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Annual Conference 2019

Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbria, Italy. Urban wastewater treatment wetland designed by IRIDRA Srl

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Keynote speaker: Dr Fabio Masi, IRIDRA, Italy

'Constructed wetlands: A multi-benefit, nature-based solution for current and future environmental and social challenges'

An environmental chemist and founding partner of IRIDRA Srl, Fabio is the co-author of over 450 designs for constructed wetlands around the world, collaborator on numerous international programmes and author of over 95 publications including a wealth of peer reviewed papers. He will give us an Illustrated overview of the multiple benefits of constructed wetland projects around the world; historical perspectives plus recent developments in pollution reduction, flood risk mitigation, wildlife habitat, educational resources and the amenity value of constructed wetlands.

More info on Fabio

Constructed wetlands workshop

'How to shift from a single purpose (treatment) to multi-purpose treatment wetlands'

There will be a presentation of research undertaken on the innovative french system installed at Severn Trent Water, Hulland Ward, followed by a workshop lead by Dr Fabio Masi and Dr Gaby Dotro of Cranfield University.

Site visit

There will be a visit to the site examined in the workshop; Severn Trent Water, Hulland Ward 

* Please note that delegates will need to bring personal protective equipment (PPE) for the site visits - steel toe-cap boots, hard hat and hi-viz vests *

Hulland Ward video

Evening social event

After the site visits, we will book some taxis and head off to The Malt Shovel, a nearby pub, for dinner and drinks at 6.30pm.


A full day of oral presentations on the multiple benefits of constructed wetlands; treating industrial and agricultural wastewaters, partnerships for delivery, urban and agricultural SuDS systems, wetlands for biomass generation, community water treatment and the health and amenity value of treatment wetlands.


Poster display with a cash prize for the best student poster.

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