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The Constructed Wetland Association (CWA) is a professional association, representing all those who are interested in, and practicing in the field of constructed wetland technology. Our aims are the following:

To provide quality assurance, establish and maintain the highest standards of design, installation, performance and maintenance of these systems through research, training, seminars, conferences, peer review and accreditation.

To promote the use of constructed wetlands for pollution control, including wastewater treatment and surface water run-off management, whilst maximising multiple benefits such as flood control, biodiversity enhancement and amenity.


The CWA was formed to promote the application of constructed wetland technology in wastewater management and water pollution control whilst delivering multiple benefits.


The CWA works on behalf of its members to promote the awareness of constructed wetland technology in water pollution control and takes a lead role in advocacy for the application of constructed wetlands in pollution prevention and the delivery of multiple benefits. The CWA visualises an industry in which best practice is shared and standards are upheld.


The Constructed Wetland Association aims to act as:

The main function of the CWA is to act as a focal point for the profession and to establish a coherent, comprehensive and up to date picture of constructed wetlands.

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